How to use the cldr.extractCurrencyInfoById function in cldr

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few cldr examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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github commercetools / merchant-center-application-kit / packages / l10n / scripts / generate-l10n-data.js View on Github external
const extractCurrencyDataForLocale = async locale => {
  // Get the list of all currencies.
  // NOTE: this list contains "old" currencies that are not in used anymore.
  const currencyInfo = cldr.extractCurrencyInfoById(locale);
  // Fetch list of currencies that are still in use, then use this list
  // to "remove" the outdated currencies from the previous list.
  const activeCurrencies = await fetch(
  ).then(response => response.json());

  return Promise.resolve(
      (acc, key) =>
        // `currencyInfo` given by `cldr` may not contain any information based on the
        // currencyCode that we fetched from `currencymap.json`, so we have this definition
        // check in place.
          ? Object.assign({}, acc, {
              [key]: {
                label: currencyInfo[key].displayName,