How to use the @pnpm/package-store function in @pnpm/package-store

To help you get started, we’ve selected a few @pnpm/package-store examples, based on popular ways it is used in public projects.

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locks: opts.lock ? path.join(opts.storeDir, '_locks') : undefined,
    registry: opts.registry || '',
  const resolve = createResolver(sopts)
  await makeDir(sopts.storeDir)
  const fsIsCaseSensitive = await dirIsCaseSensitive(sopts.storeDir)
    // An undefined field would cause a crash of the logger
    // so converting it to null
    isCaseSensitive: typeof fsIsCaseSensitive === 'boolean'
      ? fsIsCaseSensitive : null,
    store: sopts.storeDir,
  const fetchers = createFetcher({ ...sopts, fsIsCaseSensitive })
  return {
    ctrl: await createStore(resolve, fetchers as {}, {
      locks: sopts.locks,
      lockStaleDuration: sopts.lockStaleDuration,
      networkConcurrency: sopts.networkConcurrency,
      packageImportMethod: sopts.packageImportMethod,
      storeDir: sopts.storeDir,
      verifyStoreIntegrity: typeof sopts.verifyStoreIntegrity === 'boolean' ?
        sopts.verifyStoreIntegrity : true,
    dir: sopts.storeDir,


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