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this.dirConfig = await this.configurationService.getDirectory<OktaConfiguration>(DirectoryType.Okta);
        if (this.dirConfig == null) {

        this.syncConfig = await this.configurationService.getSync();
        if (this.syncConfig == null) {

        if (this.dirConfig.orgUrl == null || this.dirConfig.token == null) {
            throw new Error(this.i18nService.t('dirConfigIncomplete'));

        this.client = new okta.Client({
            orgUrl: this.dirConfig.orgUrl,
            token: this.dirConfig.token,

        let users: UserEntry[];
        if (this.syncConfig.users) {
            users = await this.getUsers(force);

        let groups: GroupEntry[];
        if (this.syncConfig.groups) {
            const setFilter = this.createCustomSet(this.syncConfig.groupFilter);
            groups = await this.getGroups(this.forceGroup(force, users), setFilter);
            users = this.filterUsersFromGroupsSet(users, groups, setFilter);


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