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    updateMathImg = ($img, latex) => {
        const trimmed = trimLatex(latex)
            src: baseUrl + '/math.svg?latex=' + encodeURIComponent(trimmed),
            alt: trimmed
) {
    let updateMathImgTimeout

    if (firstTime) {
        MQ = MathQuill.getInterface(2)
    const $mathEditorContainer = $(`
        <div data-js="mathEditor" class="math-editor">
            <div data-js="equationField" class="math-editor-equation-field"></div>
            <textarea placeholder="LaTeΧ" data-js="latexField" class="math-editor-latex-field" rows="1"></textarea>

    const $latexField = $mathEditorContainer.find('[data-js="latexField"]')
    const $equationField = $mathEditorContainer.find('[data-js="equationField"]')
    let mqEditTimeout
    let visible = false
    let focusChanged = null
    //noinspection JSUnusedGlobalSymbols,JSUnusedLocalSymbols
    const mqInstance = MQ.MathField($equationField.get(0), {
        handlers: {


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