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Find and automatically fix vulnerabilities in your code, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code — all powered by Snyk’s industry-leading security intelligence.

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What is Snyk?

Integrate easily

Snyk comes to you, weaving security expertise into your existing IDEs, repos, and workflows.

Scan continuously

Fix with a click

Snyk provides actionable fix advice in your tools. With auto PRs, you can merge and move on.

Secure your entire development lifecycle

Snyk supports your favourite languages and seamlessly integrates with your tools, pipelines, and workflows.

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We’re security experts so you don’t have to be

The Snyk platform is powered by our industry-leading security intelligence research, so you can find and fix vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered.

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You want guardrails, not security gates

You need to ship quickly but security requirements can cause delays.

Snyk brings developers and security together

Snyk integrates with developer tools and workflows to continuously find and automatically fix vulnerabilities, so you can ensure security at scale without impacting velocity.

Your security team doesn’t want to be a blocker

Security teams need governance and compliance without slowing down development.

Loved by developers and security teams

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“Snyk is very dev-centric and was also easy for us to scale out without being disruptive to developers.”

Spencer Koch

Security Wizard

“Snyk’s automation makes remediation possible by simply clicking a green button in GitHub to merge the automatically generated Pull Request.”

Joren McReynolds

Director of Engineering

“We feel much more confident in the security of our software. Snyk has also increased the pace that we can detect and minimise any risk exposure for our services.”

Ciro Rizzo

Head of Engineering

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